Launchpad is a newsletter to help unf*&k getting a job in the tech industry.

I started Launchpad because, after working on my own startup in the hiring and recruiting space, it became incredibly clear to me how opaque and confusing the tech industry can be to new grads and college students.

It’s a place where referrals trump GPAs, where 20-year-olds can have seniority over 35-year-olds, where people frequently jump from discipline to discipline (like engineers –> product managers –> designers).

In other words, it’s a place where typical workplace rules don’t suffice, and where not everyone knows what the “new rules” actually are.

Silicon Valley isn’t a meritocracy; it just believes it is one. There’s structural problems we need to fix to give people a fair shot.

Until that happens, if you’re interested in learning more about how to put together a great resume, how to find opportunities at fast-growing startups who aren’t necessarily on your school’s Handshake board or AngelList, or just overall how to find a job after graduation (and make your college experience better and less stressful!) then sign up here for a weekly(ish) email from me + some friends of mine.