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Reading Launchpad is like getting a new set of glasses - it brings clarity to the process of finding a meaningful job. If you want to reduce your anxiety about getting hired, sign up.
Akshay, University of Washington
I've learned so many things from Launchpad that career counseling never told me. If there's anything I regret, it's that this wasn't around when I was a freshman.
Teresa, UC Berkeley
Hiring isn’t something that’s necessarily all that interesting, but Phil’s way of storytelling is really authentic and engaging. Reading Launchpad feels like having a conversation with a friend who actually cares about your future, unlike most career advising resources I’ve seen.
Precious, UC Berkeley
When you’re not based in the Bay Area, it’s easy to get FOMO - it feels like your friends in the epicenter of the tech scene have access to things you don’t. Launchpad is such an awesome resource for everyone else to really understand what’s going on.
Jonathan, Rice University